Happy endings?


All writers know that a “happy ending” all depends on where you choose to end the story. In real life stories, there are many places where a happy outcome may be a good place to stop your book. Life it’s self has many such places, often followed unfortunately by other crisis situations. So, are happy endings true to life?

Again it all depends on where you choose to end the story. Most tend to think of death as the final chapter of life, rarely a happy occurance. Even when it comes as a release in old age or sickness, there is generally grieving involved and often apprehension for those not well grounded in faith.

For myself, I believe God has a happy ending for every story, though some may not be seen here on earth. I love the adage,  as the ship departs over the horizon and people say, “there she goes” folks on the far side of the horizon are saying, “here she comes.” The true “happy ever after” endings are hidden from our eyes.

Even so the story of humanity looks to be coming to a bad end, even the most optimistic hold out little hope of a good outcome to this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Yet reading the last chapters of the book of Revelation we see God is also a sucker for happy endings.

Wow! wow! wow!


I’m just mind blown by this verse I read this morning.

“Now unto Him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us” (Eph. 3:20-21a)

Exceeding abundantly more than even our thoughts and imaginings!

As the small boy asked what he’d pray for if he were blind responded, “a nice doggie to lead me arround,” we so limit God by our lack of faith and vision.

The key to this quote is  the final, “according to the power that worketh in us.” God’s power and vision is limitless. He created the earth, every complex echo system, made his creation self perpetuating. He spoke the complexities of the atom to the universe, guided the stars in their courses. He is limited by one thing only, the extent His power works in us. Jesus came to give us God’s power, to heal, to speak wisdom, to do miracles and to change the world, but it is up to us how much we utilise it.

One of the first things He said to me on becoming a Christian was, “oh you of little faith, wherefore do you doubt?”  Some may think I have great faith because I lived “by faith” relying on God to supply my physical needs. I’ve been party to many miracles, they became a part of every day life. Yet I feel my faith is small in comparison with what God could do if we only believed without doubt and lived His word to the fullest.

What great things He has promised to those who take Him at His word. That is not to say there wont be battles – there will! Satan and his forces will come against one in force who dare step out of line, but the weapons Christ gave are more than enough to blast him to kingdom come! He trembles at the power within us, thus his game is to mask the promises of God, to cloak them in “reality” in compromise, but God’s word is the true reality and lies waiting for us to pick up the “sword” and deal blow after blow at the evils of this world – sickness, mental illness, discouragement, poverty, greed, corruption and lies of the evil one etc.

So often people lay the blame at God’s door when all the time He is waiting on us.