Demo Dilemma.


Anyone else confused right now? I have friends and family on both sides of the divide, pro masks/ anti masks, pro vaccines/anti vaccines, pro lockdown extremists/active anti lockdown demonstrators.

I hold my own beliefs. – Covid is not a hoax (my daughter almost died of it). However, the word “hoax” could be applied to the “pandemic” labelling, and all the lockdowns and draconian measures etc. that sprang from that label.

For myself, I firmly believe my best protection is in staying close to the Lord (Ps 91). My choice would be to take extra care around the vulnerable, wash hands, stay inside if I have symptoms, and use common sense distancing etc. I wouldn’t use a mask unless I was forced to be at close quarters in an unventilated space – like a rush hour tube train.

The question comes though, what about people who have their faith in masks, doctors, vaccines etc.? Where do I draw the line between going along with things for their sake (do not stumble your brother for meat etc.) and standing up for rights and liberties which took thousands of years to gain?

Do I join my friends at the demos or stay home and pray no protestors (or police) will be hurt? I have little faith that protests will change anything, but they are important in showing a rising number of people object. Protests may slow the implementation of behind the scenes agendas.

I know this is a question many sincere Christians are asking themselves. I am not alone in that.



I love Ps 2. It’s such a comfort especially right now.

Heathen are raging, rulers council together against the Lord and His people. They want to break His bands, be free of His morality, set up their own kingdom.

 What does God do? He laughs! He goes on to deal with them, but first He laughs. Why?

He laughs because what they are trying to do is so futile in the grand scheme of things. He laughs because He has supreme confidence in the final outcome.


The search for peace amid these storms.

How can we find peace in the midst of any storm? Hide in a strong, safe, refuge, springs to mind, but what if we must go out into the storm, perhaps to find our way or to rescue a loved one? Perhaps we feel called to venture out into the maelstrom to guide others to safety, perhaps it is our job. Suppose we didn’t see the storm coming and were taken unawares? The answer is, hold onto (or shelter beneath) something stronger than you, something that cannot be moved. Put your hand into the hand of God.

Having lived many years in the tropics, I know something about storms, typhoons, and hurricanes. I know their dangers. Anything not tied down can become a hazard, trees smash cars and buildings, road signs become deadly weapons. I know also, though tumultuous winds surround, in the eye of the storm there is peace.

It’s not usually the wind in itself that is deadly, but rather the things it acts on, the flying/falling objects. With the wind comes water, flooding and, at its most deadly, mudslides which can bury a whole village in a matter of minutes.

I see so many parallels in the “storm” besetting the world right now. The virus, like a mighty wind, sweeps the nations, but that is not the greatest danger. Like the wind, of itself it accounts for very few mortalities in the grand scheme of things. It is the things it is affecting wherein lie the true danger. Guideposts, meant to show us the way, too ridged to bend with the wind, become spears and javelins. Ancient oaks, monuments to time honoured history, become unrooted and fall on vehicles intended to convey us to safety. More and more mud is loosened by the relentless deluge of lies, slander, accusations and general mudslinging, till finally it cascades down enveloping all beneath.

It is time to grasp the hand of God and let Him lead us safely through the tumult to the eye of the storm, where we can find inner peace though chaos reigns about us.

The last line is so reassuring.


During such heartrending times nature is such a balm, conecting with the infinate past and promise of the future.

I recall how it bounced back during lockdown, as sage, old, tree giants look down on our paltry human disputes with the wisdom of ages, and birds pursue their chorus to great each new day in glories of praise. At its constant reminder my heart lifts in praise to the one beyond us all as He whispers, “Don’t worry I’ve got this.”

Don’t give up! It will happen.


Raise those glasses folks! After 6 years of honing skills and learning about the publishing world, my first book is finally out! (Though only on my publisher’s site so far.). For those who might be interested, you can find it on TSL publications.…/when-falls-the-night-jo-wilkinson/

It’s cheaper to buy there, but sadly you can’t “look inside” so if you’d like to check it out you might want to wait till it comes on Amazon etc. so you can take a look first (then maybe go back and get the cheaper deal lol!)

It’s been a steep learning curve particularly as I’m not so tech-savvy (thank God for my sweet editor!) I just want to encourage all and any would-be writers out there to never give up on your dream. There nothing quite like holding that first book in your hands!


So who is in the boat?


sp war

I came across this picture while checking old downloads and I thought how apt it is to how things feel at present. The forces of evil are rising all around building to a great swell that seems bent on carrying all before it. There’s also been a huge surge of God’s power, Christians coming to life, miracles, healings, Bible bookstores empty and folks finding/returning to the Lord. Like two opposing tidal waves about to do battle, they race toward each other.

But who is in the boat, surely about to be tossed into a maelstrom of churning water? Humanity? No that didn’t feel true, many are caught up in the battle on either side … then it came to me – the undecided.