A new realm to explore – blogging!

Apprehension turns to fascination as slowly I begin to reconnoiter these new domains. No stranger to communication I’ve tended to avoid the world of technology in favour of living breathing humanity. Then exploring I realised the potential.

There are the images one sees every day on the street, or hanging from a strap in crowded commuter trains, but inside under the veneer hide creatures of infinite depths, each a universe in themselves.  Blogs, tapping those depths, reveal glimpses of the most fascinating of all domains the human entity, each in its own surrounding cosmos.

So who am I then?

I never fit well in any box but words may help – idealist, artist, writer, traveler, radical Christian, teacher, mother, volunteer, counselor and perpetual student of life. I am at my happiest, absorbing, creating and communicating.

I’m at home in many worlds, many cultures. Life is a rich and heady brew, each soul with an individual taste and texture to discover – I never met a boring person yet, just the unexplored. I look forward to discovering the worlds of others and giving a glimpse of mine in return.

(If you really want to know my details check out the “Who am I Anyway?” post for picture etc.)

Make yourself at home! Happy blogging!


16 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. I love your blog and I will be following.

    I’m new to the blogging world and I’m loving this new chapter of my life.

    I’m also an avid reader, short story and flash fiction writer. I’m going to set up my site to include my writings along with some poetry.

    Take care and keep blogging.

    • Welcome to the “bloggisphere”. Nice of you to drop by and follow. I shall come explore also (I like flash fiction and poetry – even short stories when I have time). Look forward to checking out your site.

    • thanks Arwa that’s so kind of you!I’m afraid I can’t do it just now though as my daughter (and grand-kids) are coming to visit from China tomorrow so I wont be able to do much (if any) blogging for the next couple of weeks. So nice of you to think of me though.

      • That’s fine. It took me a week to write it on my blog and a while to notify the nominees. Take your time. And I will stop by your blog when I have a better internet connection to check your posts.

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