sci fi

(Sci fi flash fiction fun)

The course seemed simple enough, “Elementary Mind Reading” , the principals sound –  empty the mind, connect with your basic communication manipulator, focus on your partner and thoughts should come streaming through.  The trouble was they didn’t! Habel fidgeted with the stiff, high collar of his uniform, his forehead beginning to sweat with anxiety.

His partner Korianna, cool and composed, seemed to have no trouble using the device, eyes gleaming as she reeled off his conscious thoughts within seconds. How did she do it? He looked up at the face its rigid smile etched in the latest purple lip glow, the eyes giving nothing away. The glorious Korianna was a brilliant student, a mind enhanced with all the best that money could buy in chemical upgrades. What was she like on the inside he wondered? What did she think of him a poor Charitus student, here on natural IQ alone?

Selected by the Interracial Board for Gifted Children from a young age he had had to enlarge his mind the hard way, by study. Not for him the expensive injected stimulants that made learning almost instantaneous. He was, he knew, part of an experiment, his studies subsidized by the Board of Hyper Education, to make comparisons with the mentally enhanced children of the elite.

He tried again. Nothing! He must master it! A failing grade and he was done for, like others he had seen sent back to lives of unending labour in service to the elite ones. His hand shook slightly as he checked the connection frequency on the machine.  He sensed a glimmer of pity in Korianna’s eye, she knew he might fail. He tried once more, exerting all his mental energy to channel through the manipulator.

“YOU MUSTN’T TELL!” The words blasted through into his consciousness. Now he understood as her resistance crumbled before his seeking intellect. The glorious Korianna had a crush on him!

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