Peace reigned over the bloody terrain. Ahmed shouldered his weapon. It was over. Carrion appeared on the horizon. They’d feast today! It was finished, the final battle. What had happened he couldn’t say. There had been some sort of intervention.

This morning he had reconciled himself to death. There seemed no other outcome. The world leader was invincible, superior numbers, weaponry, yes and something more, something that had whisked him to power in the first place. Resistance was futile, he’d known that from the beginning, but what other course was there, only total and complete annihilation. Better to go down fighting!

But he had not died. Here he stood watching as vast numbers of birds descended as if summoned upon the heaped dead.

What had stopped them? Was it the blinding lights that descended as a lightning storm around them as they fought? His eyes dazzled he had seen nothing, heard nothing save the scream of the wind as it rushed among them. When he opened his eyes bodies lay in jumbled heaps, faces distorted in horror.   Yet he and his companions were unharmed, open mouthed, trembling. Thousands upon thousands lay slain about them as the blood pooled to lurid pools and lakes of crimson.

Where the commander was he had no idea, perhaps he lay slain also amidst the mounds of bodies. The tyrant’s power was broken. They could begin again, rebuild.

A watery sun was rising as he and his compatriots trudged up out of the valley of Megiddo, the battle of Armageddon was over, the task of burying the dead barely begun!


(A story drawn from the book of Revelation and old testament predictions – scripture buffs I’m aware of the many possible interpretations. It is not my goal to promote any just to create an interesting and unusual story).

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