What Do I Believe?



I believe in love in spite of the hate I see in graphic media footage, I believe in light in spite of the darkness that pervades the arts and society as a whole, and yes, I believe in God.
There was a time I didn’t. I felt the existence of a God of love amidst this mess of violence and corruption was a fantasy invented by man’s need for reassurance, for a superman who would make things right. (How telling the preponderance of super heroes nowadays).
I’d tried most things, education, travel, Buddhism (and other religious teachings), the quest for love, and a great many less acceptable things in my desperation, when God pretty much hit me over the head in an intense personal encounter that changed my life and perspectives forever. I realized God didn’t need my belief in him to be real. He was there whether I believed or not, a fact not a fantasy and He was at work in my life.
I began to really “live the dream” not the “American dream” which destroys from within, but the fairy tale you might say. I never fit into churches (or society as a whole) but I devoured His Words in the Bible. I’ve always been a rebel and He used that very aspect of my personality and miracles began to tumble about my life as I took Jesus at His word “cashing in” the promises he left us with.
Some folks think Christianity is boring or confining. Nothing could be farther from the truth (though I can see some traditions without the spirit of God might make it that way).
“You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free” it says. The closest analogy I could make is like launching yourself off a mountain top and knowing (not hoping) God will catch you and you’ll fly. I no longer worried about how I’d support myself, if it was safe, how I’d do something. I guess it was like Lois Lane the first time she flew with superman and I flew and flew and flew. I loved it! Life was total freedom and anything was possible.
Since then I’ve grown old. I look forward to death with anticipation and a little trepidation welcoming the destination but not the journey there. This one thing I know He’ll be there for me as he always has been, He never let me fall, not once., even if my strength should fail His wont.

12 thoughts on “What Do I Believe?

    • I’m afraid you have me there (I even had to look up “koan”) – my time of investigating Buddhism was long, long ago and somewhat short lived. I know little of Nehru except that he was a close associate with Gandhi (one of my heroes) and a real “founding father” of Indian independence.

      • Not only was Nehru all that You say, My Dear Claire. Upon his demise, the question was raised, ‘After Nehru, Who,’ in the sense that many, many thought that he could not be replaced. But history shows that even after him life has gone on.

        I use this as a ‘koan.’ to raise the question, ‘After this or that, what?’ In our case, AFTER RECEIVING HIS GOODNESS, WE HAVE TO SPEND OUR LIFE IN LETTING OTHERS KNOW ABOUT HIM!

        Love and Regards. 🙂

      • There You have it! …Please write of Your Experiences with the Lord, particularly How He helped You in times of difficulties. That makes Powerful witness. Regards.

      • My Dear Claire, on this line, let me share a little secret with You.

        When We Speak or Write, We may take that Just about 50% will read it or Listen.

        Only 25% will pay attention to it! Just 10% will think about it. And, 1 to 5% will Use Our Ideas. And when that happens, that would be Great Success!

        Just keep sharing Your Witness. It is for the Lord, and People will definitely Profit. After all, writings remain. People will find it after quite some time too!

        Love and Regards. 🙂

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