A Hidden Universe!



I guess some parts of me never grew up.  I believe it was Einstein that said you must believe everything is a miracle or nothing is a miracle. I’ m with the former!

Indulging myself in two age related quizzes recently I got respectively 18 and 20 years old (let’s just say that is waaaay off!) I still gaze in wonder at all around me, cram knowledge into my brain like a kid with a box of chocolates and secretly enjoy the fresh company of children and their crazy ideas, (useful traits for a teacher).

So, about the lettuce…  Yes, lettuce! My fridge is crammed with succulent leaves from my allotment, (one of my “special places”).  The rabbits, birds and bugs have yet to find the delectable buffet hidden beneath its plastic tunnelling and bursting with green life.

While eating I ponder the tiny seeds I sowed, each packed with its own minuscule blue print of development, every detail mapped from shoot to next year’s seeds. My heart fills with awe at the complexity of creation each bite assimilating into my body, all aspects flowing to the right place, absorbed, transformed and utilized. My unassuming lettuce is a universe in its self! My heart rejoices!


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