The Urge.



A shadow of the creator, this constant urge, the fire that kindles spirits, a spark set in the heart of man from birth. I have been many things in my life to many people and I have learnt many things not taught in books. Now is a time of creation. Once I had many hours in which to create, the materials and the facilities, but as an artist I had little to say. Now my heart is full and longs for expression. I left my “creations” to travel, to learn, to search for truths, a road long and sometimes arduous, deep with sorrow and soaring with intense joy. I experienced life in its many facets, many peoples, many lands, soaking in experiences, drinking the cup till its end and tasting both bitter and sweet. I feel a need to pass it on, the sounds, the sights, the feelings, to communicate them to others. Life is as a swift flowing river that slows as it reaches the delta dropping its cargo of soil and minerals before entering the vast ocean of eternity. I won’t need these things there, let me leave them behind, soil in which plants can grow and flourish in the gardens of others.


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