The Dream Master.  



(Flash Fiction)

The class awaits the teacher, the beach smooth, serene. Waves trimmed with white lace splash upon the sand. He comes now. The crowd puts everything down to tune in to his coming.

Following his signal a young girl steps towards him. Taking her hand he leads her into the waves till the ocean stretches vast around them, serene and tranquil.

He splashes her in a playful game, the water making patterns in the air. It’s as if he can at will slow it down so all can watch the course of the tiny droplets. They look, mesmerized as light refracts rainbow colors on the dancing drops, patterns forming, fluctuating, cascading.

“Like life,” he says, “you need to slow down to appreciate it, even to see it”.

They stand watching the droplets in gentle motion, so pure a white.

“Things about you are fleeting, that’s why you need to slow down to catch them”.

The young girl’s delighted fingers reach out to catch them in her hand, impossible at normal speed. Faces shine in understanding.

He turns to go, no one notices, too busy with their splashing explorations. He smiles; soon they will be ready to return to earth. They’ll think it but a dream, but tomorrow they will come again.


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