So who am I anyway?


With yet another birthday looming its shadow I feel a need for reassessment. I’ve noticed I generally hit the “about” section first when blog browsing, to give me a framework as to who I’m “talking to”, but my own is kind of nebulous, I like that but to supplement it here’s a tad more solid info.
Finding a photo other than my cat I’m tempted to choose one of those perfectly posed ones that make me look good, but is that generally how I look? No. I finally choose this “a la natural” because it’s closer to the real me.
It’s true (as per my about section) I don’t fit well in boxes (doing a personality test I found I fit in a less than 1% group – had some pretty awesome folks in it though!) but here are some basic facts.
I’m (very) soon to be 63, happily retired (though as busy as ever just with different stuff) and living in a small, old English town on the edge of London.
My original degree was in Fine art (sculpture) but I taught English abroad (mostly in S E Asia) for a good part of my life (easy income) while exploring and having adventures. I was married twice and have been single now for 10 years (I’m very independent). I enjoy company but also need lots of time alone to chill and ponder.
I take care of one of my grandsons after school till my daughter gets home (the little guy with the big grin) and am currently learning about writing, publishing and technology in general (a new field for me) with a goal of eventually self publishing a book I wrote while in China (and writing more). I’m really enjoying blogging, delving into others worlds, and the discipline of coming up with something new every day is stretching me.

11 thoughts on “So who am I anyway?

  1. There you are. 63? Am jealous. Retire? Ahhhhh… More jealousy. Playing with children and in nature? Just ot much for me. Really, I think this is more than about you when it come to writing a resume. Please to meet you, Claire and delighted to chin wag with you over the internet. Blessings, Perpetua

  2. Claire, I only post once a week and that works for me right now, But it doesn’t bother me if I don’t post. After almost a year, I’ve begun to think that’s the best attitude in regard to blogging . It prevents a lot of stress.
    Thanks for visiting. Clare

    • Thanks for dropping by and taking time to respond. I no longer post daily either (though I do most days). A lot of my posts now are simple picture quotes (I have a huge stash in my computer gleaned from friends face book posts). I find them inspiring and hope others do too. My actual self written posts are mostly a couple of times a week maybe. I’ve become more relaxed in my blogging and reading than when I wrote this post- less is more sometimes. Interesting you blog weekly maybe I’ll do that sometime too if my other writing increases. Have a great Sunday!

      • Right now I’m finishing up writing a murder mystery and I’ve done photo illustrations of the setting for it, so time away means editing and publishing of the book gets pushed back. Although I don’t post every day,I do read blogs every day. So many interesting people and places to visit! Thanks for stopping by❣️

  3. transformationearth

    Holy Smokes, that’s you at 63? Good for you, you must really take care of yourself! With a glow like that I thought the picture was of your daughter! I had to reread the post a few times to be sure 🙂
    And thanks for checking out my blog!

  4. Thanks for the follow, Clare! How did you find our blog? I’m glad you did. I’ve liked what I’ve read in yours!
    Also, I really want to know who I am following, so I always read “about.” Thanks for yours!

    • Hi! Debbie I came across your blog when checking out folks who had “liked” some of my posts or comments. I didn’t have much time to “browse” but liked what I saw (kind of “kindred spirit” thing) so decided to follow so I could visit some more. Nice to “meet” you folks!

      • That’s what I do, love kindred spirits in my reader! I’m not sure how I found you then since it sounds like I had liked one of your posts! Anyway, nice to meet you!

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