The Wishing Tree. (Flash fiction)



An ancient oak rests among the elms and birches. Its branches  gnarled and twisted, the trunk thick and ridged. It’s very old. Children have built a platform where its trunk splits into thick limbs. A boy fashioned rope ladder dangles from a planked room housed with a tiny window. A bucket hangs on knotted rope above a flower bed nestled between roots and garlands of fresh blossoms, and vines hang from its branches. You can tell the children adore the tree and the tree for its part seems to take pleasure in the children and their games.
Long has it stood here! In ages past they used to call it “the wishing tree” and many a wish it heard whispered, long ago. The whisperers are gone now, waiting in the earth, but the tree lives on. It sees the whishes come and go. It alone has seen them manifest upon the earth, – the wish for freedom, an end to tyranny, for peace and plenty, for love, for healed bodies and hearts. The years have torn and warped its limbs; the weight of seasons brought them low, as if bending for the children to swing on.
Yet the tree lives on and with it the wishes. It sees the fulfillment and rejoices. It has learned patience these many years. The young striplings of the forest give honor to it. They listen in the wind to its stories of ancient times, echoes of a past so removed from the present. They listen and rejoice for the peace and favor that has come to the earth. As the scars on Jesus hands, the tree remains a testimony of long love and patience

3 thoughts on “The Wishing Tree. (Flash fiction)

    • Thanks Pam. I’m only kind of back as my youngest daughter and 3 year old son are staying with me for a while and I’m helping her get all her paperwork etc. sorted after 6 years away in Mexico plus “dog sitting” for my other daughter going between houses so life is a little hectic. I’m managing to post (I collected a bunch of good quotes ahead of time) but not to read others blogs or interact much. I’m looking forward to having time to catch up soon.

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