Atlantian Legends.


Down where the silver fishes play
Sunk down deep in its decay
Where once the proud like peacocks stood

Lies shattered stone like shards of wood


It’s peaceful there now down in the depths, no more slaves, no more evil, earth and water washed it all away, this once “thriving” civilization. It thrived on hate and greed, on privilege and slaughter, using its knowledge to enslave the souls of men, trapped in the treadmill of its habitation.

Once the tumult of voices filled the streets, but no more. Now all is silent as the grave, and bones, picked clean, line the confines, earth and water conspiring to eradicate their evil lest it spread, contaminating the earth.
Now sharks bask in scattered sunshine that filters through the waves, like sentinels guarding the city hidden deep below. Coral adorns its sunken walls, shadows its depths. The trinkets and gold it sought long scattered by the waves, sunk beneath encroaching sands.
A lesson lies here, hidden, unknown, all glory brought to naught in a single day. Its vast armies unable to intervene, its technology of no avail against the powers that over threw it. They thought themselves invincible upon the earth, securing its resources to their will, enslaving “lower species” of men. Standing in the height of their power they were consumed in an instant. Now the fish inherit all.

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