I Live in a Bubble.



I live in a bubble. It seems I’ve lived in it my whole life to greater or lesser extents, but as I get older it’s more noticeable.
I enjoy, a retirement pension that supplies all I need, UK law, police force, and NHS. I am free of war, want and oppression. Along with these I live in a small, old, English town still encompassing qualities England had when I was a child, (before its decline) kindness, good manners, honesty and quiet concern. There are three lakes, woodland, an allotment, half hour rail link to central London, shops, and a big supermarket within 5-10 mins. walk, all of which I can traverse safely even late at night.
My apartment is drenched in light from huge windows, rooms perfectly painted with nice furniture. There’s even a spare bedroom where friends and family can stay, and my neighbor just happens to be the estate’s local knight in shining armour (should I need one).
My kids are grown up and some live nearby, all kind, smart, honest souls of which I am intensely proud.
You see why I say I live in a bubble! I’ve often pictured myself sitting childlike in the hand of God His bent fingers shielding me even through my wildest adventures.
My only regret is that I know it’s not like this for many people, as my bubble drifts across the sky out of reach of the war and strife below my heart breaks for the afflicted. Even in times past when I still had strength to try in my small way to help, to intervene, my bubble always remained, unpoppable, shielding me. I wish everyone lived in bubbles.

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