Cameras are not eyes!


camera pics 2 010

I spent another blissful sunny day experimenting with my camera. I reached a conclusion, like all marvelous man made inventions they still cannot compare with nature. I’ve a very long way to go in learning all my camera can do but it seems part of that is realizing its limitations.
Being a sculptor I love exploring depth and volume (around trees in particular). I realized just how much my eye and mind interact when I look at things changing focus again and again, the mind enhancing those things that interest, incorporating mood, enlarging prominent aspects.
No matter how adept the photographer a camera is limited to one set of settings at a time.
My frustration turned to wonder at a part of myself I had never perceived before. How wonderfully I am made (I’m glad I’m not a camera!)

camera pics 2 021 camera pics 2 024 camera pics 2 025 camera pics 2 030 camera pics 2 041

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