I’m Going Through Withdrawals!



Grouchy, uninspired, lazy and irritable, I’m not nice to be around without my daily fix.

No I’m not alcoholic; quitting smoking or even coffee (which is just as well as my grandson shares my symptoms).
No, my semi depressed state is due to the bridge we use to cycle to school between the lakes is closed three weeks for renovation. It means instead of coasting past bodies of silent water surrounded by a lush canopy of green and autumn tints greeted by smiling joggers and dog walkers we have to again negotiate bustling roads and pavements with their time distracted occupants.
No big deal you might think, but seriously I’m noticing a big difference. The pleasurable exercise of companionable cycling has again become a battle of wills to get him to school on time in one piece, tempers fray and stubborn rebellion abounds. I shall be so relieved when we can visit our “natural psychiatrist” every morning again!

3 thoughts on “I’m Going Through Withdrawals!

  1. Ohhhh, I’m sorry to hear that. I also feel that having a serene place to pass through on a trip with a child to some place (or heck, even just alone) is so much more tranquil and much less stressful then the busyness of the hustle and bustle of city streets and traffic.

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