The Old English Pub.


whip and collar

We are (due in large part to overenthusiastic football fans) known as a nation of heavy drinkers. We could blame the cold winters and the need for a little “fire in the blood” but actually there’s a lot more to draw one into an English pub than the possibility of drowning in alcohol.

The idea of “Going down the pub” even for me as a very modest drinker brings to mind a warm cosy atmosphere, fun and friends which totally looses its charm abroad.

Pubs are not only for getting drunk,  you see families out for Sunday dinner, kids, even dogs at outside tables. In winter there are often log fires and drippy candle wax. Old oak beams and ceiling stained from countless evenings are a common feature some   pubs are even 200 or 300 years old.

Here are my two favorites both 5 mins. walk away.

feathers pub

The Feathers, all oak beams, tables, two log fires and a waterfall of candle wax, quiet with excellent service great for a glass of wine and nice lunch.

coach and horses

The coach and Horses, (appropriately named as it’s an old coaching inn where the coaches stopped on their way to London ( about 200 years ago). Low black oak beamed ceilings and a huge fireplace. I should take pictures of the inside but that’s not really the “done thing”.

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