So Who is Satan Anyhow?



Whether you consider him mythical, symbolic or an actual entity, with Halloween approaching in all its lurid costumes it’s surprising how few folks know his origins.
The story is told in the Bible that Satan was once God’s top man, (or angel) the light bearer, powerful and beautiful beyond imagination. His body embellished with music he led the praise of God. So what happened? Basically it seems it wasn’t enough for Satan being the supreme angel. In his pride he wanted to be God, to be worshiped, therefore he rebelled persuading a third of the angels to join him.
He’s described as “the Prince of the Air” and “the father of lies.” The most common caricature of Satan is a little guy with horns and a tail but I would probably depict him as a handsome, impeccably dressed, intellectual, smooth tongued and alluring, only the eyes giving him away as evil. Genesis has him pictured as a snake persuading Eve with subtle words to doubt God(His Bible knowledge is reputed to be better than most Christians and he tries to use it against them as he did Jesus.)
Halloween costumes are often sexy, but again there in a subtle lie here. Sex was God’s creation instigated before “the fall of man”, it’s sexual perversion that is Satan’s domain. He cannot create only pervert. He’s also referred to as “the god of this world”. In spite of God’s overall sovereignty he is said to have power in this realm giving the “kingdoms of this world” to who he may. (God gave dominion to man and through man’s choices Satan took control to a large extent.) This is an interesting viewpoint depicting Christians as God’s 5th columnists working to bring down Satan’s power explaining why evil runs rampant in the earth unless restrained by good.
Another little known Genesis Bible history is that the angels who followed Satan had sex with the women of the earth and that their children were giants of a vicious and diabolical nature. This could explain a frequent question of why in ancient history God asked his people to slaughter whole populations even women and children (lest the DNA be further corrupted). There are some interesting books on this due in part to the many assertions, photos etc. of giant human skeletons being unearthed. It’s not my intention to get into that here as I’m not at all sure about these assertions but it’s an interesting read.
Whatever you believe I hope this has given some new background to your Halloween celebrations. Personally I shall breathe a sigh of relief when it’s over and I can look forward to Christmas when we celebrate the forces of good.

11 thoughts on “So Who is Satan Anyhow?

  1. Many times we can only truly comprehend the “forces of good” once we understand (and often need to experience) the “forces of evil.” I appreciate the explanations of Satan. It is a good day to reflect and see if a little re-balancing in life is in order.

  2. Forces of good over evil is great, Claire! As someone that wants to see the good in religion, sometimes seeing crimes committed in the name of religion makes me sad. Think if God gave us a brain, he expects us to be discerning and ask questions, weigh not ignore facts.

    • I’m sure God cries as much as we do at some of the things done in his name, the real root of which is generally pride. Certainly no one can have the spirit of God in their hearts and hurt others. The fruits of the spirit are, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, how can one have these and harm others?

      • The traits are good, and to protect them, we need humility (rationality and love), Claire.

        If God gave us a mind, our relationship with God most reasonably is to discern through the humility of love and constantly checked logic (the best we possibly can), and not to act against them/God and good traits. AS history shows, the unchecked, unquestioning and even logic warped to fit dogma nearly always end in harm, whether religious or not.

      • amen to that. It’s why though I have a deep and personal love for God/Jesus I’ve always declined to embrace any particular “religion” or denomination other than a simple Christian context. I’ve worked as a volunteer with folks from many different faiths (including the presently vilified Muslims) and found many good people sincere in their beliefs. I’ve also met bigots in every one.
        It has to come from the heart. While I agree logic is important love comes from the heart not the mind and sometimes needs to override it but that’s love not a spirit of pride, hate, or prejudice. If people really loved each other and acted in love the problems of the world would be solved. Apply that to extreme logical conclusions – resources shared, wars stopped, pollution ended, hungry fed, but hey I’m a dreamer and idealist, that’s why i hold my faith in God as that kind of change would take the miraculous. For myself I believe that intervention will come one day and we shall be judged not by our religious affinity but the love in our hearts.
        You are searching with honesty and integrity that bodes well to find the answers you seek.

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