Beneath the same starry heavens♥


saw and loved this.

Little Moments of Beauty in the Everyday

‘Finding Welkin’ by Jay Salbert 

welkin  or ‘wel|kin, n. the sky or heaven[s],
fr. OE wolcen ‘cloud, sky’, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch wolk and German Wolke *

Hi dear all, I hope this post finds all friends well.
Coming up for a quick breath of fresh air to be amongst kindred minds and friends here.
I am thankful for David Kanigan’s lovely post (amongst many at Live and Learn) of Jay Salbert’s gorgeous, short film on the beauty of “finding the things that connect us,
created out of a modest budget and inspired by George Orwell’s dystopic classic, 1984.

The following humble musing then is inspired by Salbert’s gem of a film (Thank you, Jay Salbert).

* * *

in all the spinning rush of life and work that leaves us gasping
for moments of peace and quietude

It helps to remember

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2 thoughts on “Beneath the same starry heavens♥

  1. Hi Claire,
    Thank you so much for dropping by my site with your warmth and for sharing my post in your lovely space, here.
    I feel humbled by your warmth and love♥
    Do take care and stay awesome, too 🙂

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