What’s With All This “End Time” Stuff?



Gayle Irwin (one of my favourite people) when asked if he believed we were living in the “end time” replied something to the effect of “Do you see things in the world, socially and environmentally getter better or worse? The answer being obvious he added, “Guess we must be then.” (He said it much better but I can’t find the quote.)

Whatever field you look at today world peace, health, social, economic and environmental stability, things seem to be growing worse and worse. When I was young the great question on people’s minds was, “how best to turn things around,” now it seems more like “how long have we got?”

I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I can read the writing on the wall and it doesn’t look good. The very governments we should look to, to avert these catastrophes have been waylaid by the dollar bills of big corporations. Can we trust them? I very much doubt it. I think 9/11 set the seal on that one for many. (The truth of what happened is debatable but one fact is without doubt, the US government story does not hold water, why are they lying? What are they hiding?)

So are we living in the “end time?” Sure looks like it, if not now, soon! Christian, atheist or other there’s not much avoiding the issue (other than burying your head in a TV set and hoping it will go away). The blessing of being a Christian at such a time is that if “all these things come to pass,” (things predicted which we are worrying about now) the happy ending must too (we sneaked a look at the last page!)

14 thoughts on “What’s With All This “End Time” Stuff?

  1. Well said. I didn’t used to believe we were living in the end days, but the last few years sure have felt like it. The explosion of technology and all the information we have access to is a bit of a shock to the system, because you get a peek into the human subconscious. It’s dark and scary up there! Left to our own devices I’m not sure we’d make it.

    There is a plan in place however, I’ve read the book and peeked at the final chapter 😉

  2. I often, remind myself that “the end times” began when Christ ascended into Heaven and will end when He returns and no one knows when He will return. I like history and I know there have been other horrifying times in history and believers were sure they were living in the end of the end times. If I were alive then, I probably would have too. The signs of the times are overwhelming right now but I am called to walk by faith and not by sight. Signs are for non-believers. Whether it is THE END or another horrifying time during the end times, the response required from me is the same. God does not give me a spirit of fear that comes from the evil one. I’m to put my trust in God and do what I can in my personal life to overcome evil with good. And still,,.I’m looking up because Jesus is returning soon!

  3. We need to view each new day as a day of opportunities. We need to strive to accomplish whatever the tasks may be. And, as the day ends, we can say we did our best, we can be proud of achieving another day of success. Let nothing interfere with constructive thoughts, ideas and actions. Evil can never overcome this attitude.

  4. I’m not convinced things are getting worse, overall. There are dreadful things happening, all the time, of course – and the world contains a lot of misery. But for every dreadful event there are courageous, generous individuals who comfort each other. Also, if you compared the present time – with Paris being attacked, plagues in Africa etc – with, say Medieval Times – bubonic plague, people being hung, drawn and quartered for minor offences, horrendous deaths in battle/hand to hand fighting – no medicine to speak of – low life expectancy. How are things worse? They are just bad in a different way. And good in a different way. It’s a balance, don’t you think?

    • My “worse” was related more to pollution, global warming, more deadly weapons of war etc. which are a threat to life overall than to woes common to history. But I do agree with your points overall particularly “there are courageous, generous individuals who comfort each other”. They are also common to all ages.

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