What SHOULD Normal Be? (A morning rant!)


We accept many things as “normal” that we should not, war, crime, hate, disease, dishonesty, loneliness, pollution etc. I’m not speaking day dreams or delusional fantasy, but things that lie within the realm of human choice.
I believe this world could have and should have been different; that the “normal” we accept is actually far from what normal should be. If we accept these things as “normal” we lower our expectations.

It should be “normal” that people live to a ripe old age disease free dying peacefully as their bodies slowly reach “expiry date”. Cancer, heart failure, and all the other “nasties” could be the exception to the norm if only choices were made for the good of the population not quick money (don’t get me started on that one!) Even now there are sufficient resources to feed the hungry if folks like Gandi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa were in charge instead of self centered greedy corporations and politicians, and the earth could be healed given time. Why do we accept it as “normal” that there are haves and have not?

Why do we stand by as our children are slaughtered (whether victims or perpetrators) in wars fought for commercial gain? Why is there little alternative than for them to join in the soul corrupting deluge that tends to corrupt modern society.
There are so many good people on this earth why should the corrupt rule and we take it as being “normal”?

7 thoughts on “What SHOULD Normal Be? (A morning rant!)

  1. I think I know why the corrupt rule when I think of your writings. The good people are trying to protect their loved ones so they dislike to go into politics and hurt their families.

    • That is a very good point! There are many things I don’t do that I might if I didn’t feel a concern for those I love that must be the same for most folks.

      • Of course. I love my family though sometimes there are disagreements. We heed to our grandparents’ advise not to touch politics because politics are full of darkness. There are good politicians who cares for the people, but they have their dark sides too. They are humans too. Money, fame and power are the temptations of most people. For me, earning money in a honest way is a must. It is a passed down legacy. The Bible confirms and depicts that God hates a dishonest weights as stated in the book of Proverbs.

  2. The first step in correcting life’s atrocities is recognizing they exist. The next step is where a large gap appears to impede change. Finding and IMPLEMENTING SOLUTIONS. Our governments and big businesses rely on the world complaining AND DOING NOTHING differently. Until the world organizes in a meaningful manner, we will continue to be the responsibility of our own problems.

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