yesterday night celebration before christmas in bucharest


Great pre Christmas photos, share the joy! (I need to learn how to take night shots better)


What’s Wrong With This Picture?


jesus wrestling devil

My son put this picture on the screen of the laptop he was setting up for me knowing how much I like upbeat pictures of Jesus.

I thanked him (of course) but didn’t retain it. Though a great picture and well portrayed the premise was off. Though an attempt to portray the more dominant side of Jesus (rather than the frequent milk toast versions) it falls short. At no point even when occupying a human body was the Devil ever on equal enough terms for there to be any power contest. Even during the temptation in the wilderness the Devil had power only to trick and deceive. In the new testament Jesus  just orders the demons around.

So while this is a great picture and I love it, a truer one might be (thank God) that Jesus appears and the Devil makes a run for it!

We start a little earlier here…


ricky christmas fair 008

Well we do, maybe it’s because we don’t have Thanksgiving but Christmas (and its accompanying planning and present buying) is in already full swing.

Here are some random pics. of our local Christmas fair. The little town I live in can trace its history back over 1,000 years and is recorded in the Doomsday book (William the Conqueror’s catalog of what he got at Hastings in 1066 – for non UK history students.). Of course the present buildings are no where near that old but they are perfect for a backdrop to a Christmas fair.
ricky christmas fair 010

Christmas parade to start the evening.

ricky christmas fair 019

Exploring the stalls.

ricky christmas fair 034

The most “in theme” thing I saw, an old gentleman with his tiny organ grinder collecting for charity next to the Punch and Judy show (not sure what they were doing there but the kids loved it) ricky christmas fair 038

Lastly choosing one of the many food stalls to grab a snack (now which was it that had the mulled wine? mmm… I smell it!)

One Day.


birds 4
Thousands of birds curve and soar in the sky above, like a rush of sound and colour they wheel to and fro interweaving their songs. The sky, a brilliant, deep blue fades into soft purples at the horizon as flocks weave in and out in giant loops of song. Their tiny hearts burst forth from within, with echoes of joy and praise, so heavenly I can only stand and watch.
The birds fly forth celebrating peace on earth at last, lending their praises to the creation bursting forth in splendor below, new buds, new beginnings.
Many come forth to watch their flight. Most not knowing what it means. It is creation’s celebration, the coming of the true millennium – “and the evening and the morning were the first day”.

Excited Bunny!


excited bunny

For no apparent reason the new book I’ve been trying to write off and on for the past year suddenly kick started itself (born of a single phrase). Now words are running through my fingers faster than I can type! Oh the joy of speed writing!

I’d been over thinking it and whatever I wrote seemed labored, not fresh and flowing, so I just gave it up for a while. Now everything is fitting into place like tributaries running into the flow of the river. I’m an excited and sublimely happy bunny!

(er … might not be keeping up my blog so well for a while, but who knows maybe it’ll spill over. ha!)