God’s Search.


god touch
How often we see things back to front and inside out. Sometimes this whole fabric of society seems that way to me.

We should be sharing not accumulating, helping not condemning, reviving not destroying, even the old foundations on which western society was built seem to be slowly eroding, Heroes gets sent to jail, criminals get compensation. Money from the poor to lines the pockets of the rich and big business overrides a healthy population.

Yet it is within our power to change things, at least within our own small communities, to start positive things that can grow. Under democracy we have power to vote but few of our options seem good.

In this present system one of our greatest powers is in what we buy (many big brand name corporations could be made to prioritize human rights and eliminate dangerous commodities if we boycotted buying their stuff till they did.)

I came across a great quote from Andrew Wommac speaking of how many believers, seeing the need around them,. beg God for revival.
He said, “God is in Heaven with His arms out trying to release His power saying, “Is there anyone who will believe Me? Is there anyone who will stand up and start speaking, living and demonstrating My Word?” ”
The power is with us in every realm already if only we had the faith to stand together and use it.

2 thoughts on “God’s Search.

  1. Unfortunately Corporation is made up of people and these people their god is the almighty bucks that they cannot take into their grave. Give until it hurts “Mother Teresa” Thank you, Claire.

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