Something in the water


Saw this and loved it – beautiful and inspiring!

See, there's this thing called biology...

“Something in the water” is usually my line and I’m often thinking of the impact of fluoride or the recent discussions about adding some more lithium to the public water  system. Lithium actually is not such a far fetched idea, it occurs naturally in water and has some health benefits. Just the same, I’m rather uncomfortable with the idea that our alien lizard over lords would  like us all to have good teeth and a pleasant disposition.

Carrie Underwood has created a bit of controversy with her recent hit. I kind of like it, but some non-believers are like, “get this Christian music out of my genre!” Some Christians are running around complaining too, because there’s like…people in the video, potentially sexual people. Oh noes! I find these discussions somewhat amusing, as if there is this great conspiracy to keep any evidence of sex as far away from God as possible……so he doesn’t find out…

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