A Mirror Revelation.


It was an odd place to have a revelation, trying on a sweater! I’d just finished a great yoga session, when I spotted a charity shop and decided I’d see if they had any Christmas bits to add to my décor. That’s when I spotted a sweater and decided to try it on.
The shock came when I glanced at myself in the mirror. I hardly recognized me. My eyes were glowing, my face animated and decked with a charming smile. I looked amazing!
I’ve often wondered how, photo wise, I generally look awful (I hate photos) but sometimes there are these gorgeous pictures where I look super young and pretty. I’ve never understood also why some men found me very attractive when to my mind I was obviously not.
Guess I “caught myself in the act”. Looking dumfounded in the mirror it hit me like a revelation. It was the joy and happiness shining through that had transformed my looks. At last I understood I too was beautiful I just had to “let it shine”.
I’d noticed before that when couples fell in love they both seemed more attractive, how a confident, outgoing woman, while not actually physically beautiful could beguile you into believing her attractive, but I’m not in love and I’m the shy retiring type.
I realized though staring bewildered at my own reflection that if I lived in joy it would transform my “reasonably OK” type face into something beautiful.


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