6 thoughts on “Interesting point.

  1. Definitely. Now if you’re fake and just want to please anyone, that’s when you don’t have enemies. But then again, you don’t really have real friends either.

  2. I have been scrolling down the reader and I see this. A sign for me. I wouldn’t call it a sad truth as this is a thing to be proud of. atleast for the one who faces it. thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Sad because I don’t like to make enemies, but sometimes one has no choice. I think the quote is reassuring though. Thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment.

      • Making enemies isn’t what I too am up for. But this only assured me that no matter what good you do or stand for , some will support and some will force you to stop doing it. And that is pretty normal.

  3. If you watch those, who, despite your best efforts to get along, still dislike you simply because you won’t change who you are to satisfy them, at least you know who you don’t want to hang out with, Lol.

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