Age and Simplicity.


As I get older I find I need to pace myself, I see so many needs in the world around me I always want to do more, yet now my kids are grown and flown the nest I find different limitations. My body kicks in and reminds me that whereas I may feel 21 in spirit I’m expecting a bit much of it after 63 years of pretty intense wear and tear. One useful thing I’ve learned is to take time to “aim straight” if you have less energy to call on you have to make it count!

As a long term teacher I found the key was always to digest the material myself first and bring it down to the simplest terms. To teach concept rather than method (grasp the concept and the rest will follow.)

I’ve found  that in my life too “truths” are always simple. As the modern world gets increasingly complex simple truths (like you reap what you sow, money can’t buy real love etc.) can tend to get buried under mounds of in put both good and bad.

I feel a need to search them out again from time to time, dust them off and put them again in a place of prominence. I wonder for this generation will they be able to find and discern the real gems of life amidst so much overwhelming intellectual and media debris? I hope so for they make such difference to the quality of life.

11 thoughts on “Age and Simplicity.

  1. Hello Sir, I’ll love to read more about your experience, it is precious…I can have only after decades…Please discuss those amazing things what you observed and learnt being a teacher from your point of view….

    • First let me explain I am a woman (ha!)I’d love to write about my life and the things I’ve learnt, but I fear it would make a very long book rather than a blog post. I’ll probably post various things from time to time though. Thanks for dropping by and for your encouraging comment. You have so many wonderful adventures ahead of you, most of mine are now behind. I hope you will find life as vivid and wonderful with all its ups and downs as I have.

  2. To dust off the simple truths is a very useful thing we can do instead of inventing a new complex truth. Also, for you it is “dusting off”, but for a young mind it could be a revelation 🙂
    Love your strategy of “aiming straight” as an energy saver.

  3. Thank you for reminding me that even at my age I have something to offer the world. And here it is: “if you don’t have time to do it right, you’ll never have time to do it again”. Lol. Have a great New Year,

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