New Beginings Old Wisdoms


mountain sunrise

A new year peeps out before us like the first glimmers of sunrise glimpsed over the mountains.

Should I run yelling, arms waving towards it or pause just a moment before the light is upon me to look back? I glance over the year that’s passed, what progress, what victories, what dreams fulfilled I ask myself? I take account remembering the high ideals with which I started its predecessor.

A new question forms. What have I learnt? What wisdom can I take with me on my journey towards the rising sun, (for wisdom I have learnt is worth far more than achievements). Like a “get out of jail free” card wisdom can be traded in along life’s journey, it’s “ready cash.”

Progress? Yes, this blog is evidence of that. Victories? Yes, there have been many. Dreams fulfilled? Not yet but I follow a path that leads in that direction. Wisdom gleaned? Yes, (but those lessons were the hardest).

I turn again towards the rising sun, my backpack now set and loaded with dreams new and old, lessons, and past test papers I stand ready for what this new year may bring to light as it graces the heavens.

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