Did the New Year Start Without Me?


Five days into a new year and I feel I’m running somewhere behind trying frantically to catch up. With holiday events, meet ups with family and old and treasured friends somehow I feel I missed the coming plot.

Decisions I postponed “till after the holidays” now loom before me shaking my sleeve to get my attention. After a week of going between two houses (I was “dog sitting” for my daughter) whilst enjoying the company of a visiting old friend I seem to have been literally jumping between worlds. Now finally the holidays are over. I had a wonderful time, one of my best Christmas’  but instead of firing on all engines I feel a need to sit and ponder many things. Logic tells me this should have happened before new year. My grandson surprised me with all his new resolutions yet mine are unformed, waiting on decisions yet to be made.

Yet a new year is a beginning not an end. Perhaps it’s healthy and a sign of growth to be faced with so many questions. Perhaps rather than jumping in I can slowly feel my way forward as the mist clears and things take form. Perhaps this new year is something to be explored rather than conquered.

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