Free speech.


Free speech is a priviledge. Like all forms of freedom it comes with a responsibility to use it wisely, lest we find ourselves unworthy of it.

God help us all to use our tongues wisely at this time, not from fear, but in integrity and wisdom, to heal and mend not tear down, hurt and destroy.


3 thoughts on “Free speech.

  1. Jack

    Just so i understand your words in the proper context, are you saying that the people in paris died because they were iresponsible in publishing an image.

    • Nope, at least not in the context you seem to be using. I definitely feel they were wrong to publish such things, not from fear of retaliations, but because it was morally wrong That doesn’t mean they should be killed though. Also I’m disturbed by the hate filled propaganda on both sides and foresee a blood bath of innocents coming from this so called “free speech” and I’m tired of seeing photos of children with arms blown off etc. We must be accountable for not only our actions but our tongues if this is to be averted. Hate begets hate, violence begets violence. It would take a cool head to stop it and the dogs of war are baying. Our gift of free speech must be used wisely to avert catastrophe and I fear it is already too late.

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