31 day challenge Day 16


What’s at the top of your bucket list?

Don’t actually have a bucket list favoring the more immediate gratification of the “to do list”. Mostly things I wanted to do I went on the attack and did (my last remaining one being to live in China which I checked off some years back). The only things I can think of that I once wanted and didn’t do are, build my own house and own a horse, but as neither are now high on my life priorities and I’m no longer particularly wanting to do them they don’t really count. So I guess I’d look to my to do list and say – publish my book (which I’ve been procrastinating on for a year now). Of course I’d also like to be in love again one last time but that’s not something for a bucket list as it’s beyond my control.

If I were young again I think I might make one. They are a great way to give focus to life which can tend to fritter away without goals.

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