31 day challenge day 24



Your favourite childhood book?

This is difficult for me as my childhood is such a distant memory and I was an avid reader (usually reading 4-5 adult size books a week!) I even walked along the street reading, stopping only to cross roads. I was never without a book.

The only memory I have of a particular book from my younger childhood was “Winnie the Poo”, but that’s only because the librarian insisted a four year old couldn’t read a book like that, so asked me to prove it before she’d let me take it out. I did, but it was my pride in scoring over the librarian rather than actually liking the book that kept it in my memory (I said I had pride problems lol!) I should add also my sister taught me to read long before I ever went to school so she really should take credit for that!

I do remember when around ten being very fond of my dad’s Sir Walter Scott’s books. I’m not sure of the title of my favourite, but I think it was “Beltane the Smith” one of his lesser known ones but very romantic. I couldn’t abide the usual run of books my classmates used to read (“Famous Five” adventures were  particularly popular). I much preferred the classics and read pretty much all the age appropriate ones.

8 thoughts on “31 day challenge day 24

  1. In my childhood, there were no other books to read than Chinese and math textbooks. However, later in middle school, my father picked up one Kongfu old novel, very very old that nothing like modern books, I have read over and over, still the love story and cool Kongfu scenes playing in my head. Now it’s on my book shelf now. The only one….

    • er’s books destroyed (along with many treasured things) when my mother moved into a nursing home while I was living in Taiwan. I should very much liked to have had them.

      • Very glad to hear that, I love to keep the things with me as many as possible, including two scrystal stones I piced up along the road in my home village and some pretty shells too. 🙂

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