31 day challenge day 28



What are you looking forward to?

Moist eyes, big hugs, endless chatter and meet ups, deep conversations (and probably lots of food and alcohol).

You see next week my daughter and two grand kids will come from China for a visit (poor hubby has to stay and take care of their business). This means lots of family get togethers, long talks and catch ups and the pleasure of enjoying her company again. (Since my grandson here is off for half term and they get along we’re hoping they mostly entertain each other – the youngest is nine)

We’ve always been a close and loving family but the commitments of work, family and in some cases location tend to make our get togethers less frequent, (but all the more precious). The son in laws tend to heave a sigh after a while  and disappear to play feifa or smoke cigars while our “clan” chatter on and they are neglected. My son seems the only one able to handle all the “girl talk” (but then growing up with 6 sisters he developed immunity long ago lol!)

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