Land of Spirits.

Standard iceland

(Photo from

Cold, wild, mysterious and incredibly beautiful this land draws many photographers. I’ve never been myself (though I have an open invitation) but one of my daughters went to visit and stayed several months with an old friend of mine. I’ve learned a lot from them both. It’s known for strange events and supernatural happenings and has been the background for several epic stories.

Ivo De Decker iceland

(photo Ivo De Decker)

It’s social structure and economics are quite unusual, it’s people independent. There are hot springs and geysers, and much of the power is generated naturally due to the volcanic nature of the island. Have you guessed it yet?

Peter Hammer

(Photo by Peter Hammer)

The answer is Iceland! Enjoy these glorious pictures gleaned from my friend’s facebook and let them wet your appetite!

(Be sure to click on them to enjoy them to the fullest)

coolbiere iceland

(Photo by coolbiere)

Einar Gudmann iceland

(Photo by Einar Gudmann)

Menno Schaefer iceland

(Photo by Menno Schaefer)

bored panda iceland

(Photo by bored panda)

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