A Good Night’s Sleep?



There’s an old saying “contentment is oftener found in a grass hut than a palace.”

As I grow older the more thankful I become that I took time to asses what I wanted to do with my life early on. Life has been far from perfect, I have been far from perfect and I don’t always sleep perfectly. But if I lie awake in those night hours it’s comforting to feel at peace with my soul. I may not always have achieved my goals, my efforts often but a drop in the ocean, but at least they were the right ones.

4 thoughts on “A Good Night’s Sleep?

  1. moylomenterprises

    There’s a certain joy that fills the soul when we give but this ‘new’ age of entitlement in which we live has me a bit worried for our future.

    Expecting to be given ‘X’ without earning it is so foreign to me, but alas I’m a product of a different time and place. If anyone offers me something ‘free’ I often wonder, “what’s the catch?” I guess I’m jaded now by all the scammers out there as I’ve since adopted better filters to help weed them out but sometimes the filtering process backfires letting in the bad and keeping out the good . Sad that the simple act of giving and doing so freely has come to this…

    • I agree, not to mention the “charity” businesses. It saddens me that many become disillusioned by these things, giving is such a wonderful thing. Thanks for dropping by, nice to hear from you.

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