Twenty-third Psalm for Earth Day


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Gifts in Open Hands

God makes all of us — shepherds,
stewards, gardeners,
so none of God’s children
or creatures need be in want.

God gives us lying down places
of green pasture,
rainforest, delta, desert,
high mountain, deep canyon,
and paths by arroyo, deep river,
waterfall, ocean shore,
and these restore our souls.

Creator, G’zhem-mnidoo
leads us to care for all
for the sake of the Holy Name,
and the given earth.

Though we pass
chemically poisoned fields,
over-fished seas,
the violence of fracking,
mountaintop removal coal mining,
even the valley of extinction,
we will not fear.

God sets for us a global table —
in spite of corporate influence,
money, political power,
anointing us with community,
teaching us to make wells overflowing.

Surely we follow
with committed people
people of goodness and mercy,
and we shall dwell
in a house with those who have gone before –
Chico Mendes, Dian Fossey,

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