Just Write for the Joy of Writing…


For all you writers he says it so well!

Makeup & Breakup

Writing, creative writing, joy of writing, purpose of writing, writing and living, life without writing Joy of Writing

The other day, I was sitting with a group of friends who are professionals and are very successful…we were chatting with cup of coffees and it was a casual discourse.

The aroma was strong.

It started with a question, which they posed to me.

It turned out to be an argument but ended with an agreement.

Here is it is how it unfolded…

We don’t see you now-a-days.

Me, yes you…

You are spending so much time but not with us. What the hell are you getting out of it?

We think, you are just wasting your time…they yelled.

In what? I asked.

What else, the so-called “Writing”, you keep doing and which keep you away from us…Oh I see.

I presume they didn’t see (or didn’t want to see) any value in what I was doing?

They had their reference, and they stood firm…

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