Spring in London (Well just outside actually).



I love this time of year when the buds begin to open as if sleeping eyes woke to the sun, so sudden from one day to the next.


Silver birch-  one of my favourite painting subjects.


Cool, still waters of the lakes.


Trees in blossom everywhere!


In spite of “severe cut backs” still alive and greeting the sun, somehow reassuring.


An old man walking his dog told me “there’s a black swan here now. Don’t know where it is, maybe the other lake.”

I hadn’t seen it yet but promised I’d keep an eye out. Right then it appeared from behind a tree conveniently preening it’s self just a few steps away. There are many swans on the lakes and river here but the black one is a first!


I love to peep between trees at the water (hard to get the effect on camera though.)


Finally , not as pretty, but often my port of call after walks or photography (they serve amazing hot chocolate, or, now it’s spring, home made ice-cream or smoothies!)

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