Silence is Golden.



There is a quote that even a fool is esteemed wise if he doesn’t open his mouth. Then there’s “empty vessels make the most noise”.

It’s been a life long lesson for me when to speak and when to remain silent. Always outspoken from the first (I was raised by a Yorkshire man!) I once took pride in not been afraid to “call a spade a spade”.

I’m still very far from politically correct, but I have learnt some wisdom. Learnt that folks are more receptive to “the truth” at some times than others, learnt if you drag the horse kicking and screaming to the river it’s unlikely to oblige by drinking the water.I also learnt – horror of horrors!- that I may be mistaken about things!

There is a time to speak and a time to be silent but boy it’s hard sometimes to know the difference! To keep silent when you should speak up is to be a moral coward, but sometimes it’s not the right time and would only make matters worse.

Part of my compass is to check my pride regulator. If it’s high maybe wait a while. I’ve learnt also to stop and pray (I’m not so wise on my own) and even the pause helps. I recall the phrase “the tongue is like a fire” so I try hard to think before striking matches. I don’t always succeed though.

7 thoughts on “Silence is Golden.

  1. moylomenterprises

    This post made me smile.
    I’ve started teaching my 3 yr old how to listen and decipher things on her own by simple power of ‘silent’ deduction. Here’s what I tell her:
    Step 1: close your mouth – – no talking
    Step 2: use your ears – – listen for clues
    Step 3: use your eyes – – look for clues
    Step 4: use your brain – – put all the clues together and your brain will give you the answer.

    As a single parent, I usually have a million chores, plus child care, plus pet care, plus biz to run. Every cry, every boo-boo, every fight, every question, every spill, every tantrum comes to me. It’s non stop. So I’m teaching her to handle certain situations on her own to lighten my load! She’s learning to be independent early and that makes us both proud. Of late she comes running saying, “mommy, mommy, I used my brain! My brain works!” That’s when I know she gets it.

    Great post! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Yes, James was correct in saying the tongue is a rudder, a small thing that impacts the whole ship. How often we stray off course! Great post.

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