Things we take for granted.



I’m learning a lesson along these lines due to a problem with my wrist. I don’t know what’s wrong with it (neither does the doc.) but as of yesterday for no apparent reason I can’t put any weight on it or carry even the lightest thing, though it has near perfect mobility.

It’d seem no major problem to “rest it up and see how it goes” as the doc. said, after all I do have two hands. The truth is it’s far from easy, from riding my bike (I never realized till now I lean on my left handle bar when pushing off) to trying unsuccessfully to put on a pillow case (it requires coordination of both hands). I’m finding tons of little everyday tasks have now become difficult and have been ordered not to do any more gardening or allotment work for the next few days (a great frustration as my little seedlings are winking at me) as it will aggravate it. (Hmmm I wonder if the doc included typing – surely not!?)

OK, my sweet left wrist, I am truly sorry for taking you so much for granted. I promise if you’ll just go back to normal I’ll remember just how precious you are!


3 thoughts on “Things we take for granted.

  1. I get the odd painful left wrist at times, too. I can move it normally but sometimes picking up something heaving hurts. I have never had it checked and attribute the pain to tendinitis or something like that. It goes away and then comes back after a little while. It’s weird.

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