One of Life’s greatest wisdoms.



(Usually learnt when the “something we have” is gone!)

It is part of the smugness of age to tut uncomprehendingly at so many of those “younger folks” hopelessly caught up chasing the carrot in a never ending rat race and wonder why they never seem to see through it.

Even the most successful “rats” are plagued with stress to get more or hold onto what they have. The deception always seemed so clear to me, but It’s no use trying to tell them they are too caught up to listen. I’m so glad I was a “sixties child”.

I’ll say with Solomon give me enough that I don’t hunger and steal but not so much that I forget God. Things of themselves cannot bring happiness no matter how many we have. Contentment is far oftener found with the poor than the rich. I blame advertising for circulating this myth.

I sometimes wish they could jump off the wheel and see the true value of the things that really matter, love, relationships, family, friends, health etc. So many pursue happiness in the wrong places.

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