Owe no man.



“Owe no man anything save to love him.” I’ve always applied this quote to financial matters but this morning I realised that there’s far more to it than that. It actually makes a great maxim for life! So often we do things because of what others will think, or how they’ll react, living life with one eye on the mirror.

So is the opposite true that we should live purely for ourselves oblivious to the concerns of others? Surely not!

The simple truth “owe no man” perfectly clarifies the balance. To have integrity, be in bondage to no man (particularly where our principals are concerned) but to walk in love towards others, is a difference of motivation. Is our concern out of fear or compassion?

An illustration was when one of my daughters was promoted to a position she’d always wanted but found to her concern that the new job entailed being deceptive and going against her conscience. Thanks to great courage and faith on her part (and a very supportive, business minded spouse) she decided to quit the job and set up on her own. Her integrity paid off and they now have a thriving business which is constantly expanding.

Three of my children have been blessed with ample financial resources, but only she comes home tired, but stress free, finding great fulfillment in her work. The difference? – She “owes no man”.

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