There at conception.



Born today amid the wild, ferocious growth of spring, it’s friendly notes heard above the soft lap of water. Conception blossomed, a new idea, explored, fulfilled.

A weekly meeting, walking, sharing, learning, exploring each others worlds and knowledge. Again I wonder at the intricate complexity of each human life, the ripples formed by this single event.

It was not only us three, (the first to initiate), but others who added their sparkle as we passed on our tour, like the bird lover who told were the egrets nest, the kingfishers hunt, of the odd wading bird those name I have already forgotten.

What a delightful feast for a writer is a new walking group.

(The photo is from one of the many idyllic spots we passed.)

8 thoughts on “There at conception.

    • Happily no mosquitoes in the UK (well only the rare one or two). I’m very thankful having lived in tropical climes. We do have midges (relatives I think but tiny, tiny.) The only problem with them is they have a habit of flying in your eyes especially when you’re cycling. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day!

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