A happy bunny day!



I am a very happy bunny (if a little exhausted!lol!). Today was my first time to learn how speed boats work, help paddle a catamaran (along with an expert and two very enthusiastic handicapped teenagers), and get my initiation in how to sail a real sailing boat (in long term preparation to eventually take handicapped youngsters out sailing.).

Picture the perfect sunny day, a slight breeze, a still lake adorned with swans and wildfowl, excellent company and learning something new and you’ll see why I’m such a happy bunny!

5 thoughts on “A happy bunny day!

    • My biggest challenge was bailing water out of the catamarans (it rained last night) as I had to climb from one to another, though they are pretty stable I thought I might end up in the water lol!

  1. My Dear Happy Bunny! You are special indeed! And what makes You that is that You are taking Your two friends along in Your adventures, making it theirs too! Blessings and Love. 🙂

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