A friend “moves on”.



The pain didn’t make her bitter; instead it seemed to kindle a fire within, an almost tangible glow. She’d always been kind and concerned. I recall her compassion when I was once far from home in a desperate situation, she didn’t just talk she did, she was always like that.

Her life, though often touched with joy, had not been easy, she’d had to fight many battles and the last (with cancer) took away her strength. Yet as power ebbed away something more pure filled the vacuum.

I can understand why God called her home, something so beautiful belongs in Heaven, though she’ll be sorely missed here.

13 thoughts on “A friend “moves on”.

    • I am both sad and happy. The last times I saw her she was reconciled and had a great peace. Though she died as she’d hoped quiet and peaceful with her family around, the time immediately before proved intensely painful. I’m so glad she’s never going to feel that again.

      • I am so sorry for your friend. I have lost two friends to cancer, and it was a heartbreaking experience. I so hope your friend rests in peace and doesn’t have any memory of the pain she had to go through.

      • thanks. Yes, it’s heartbreaking. I’ve lost 4 friends now with another just been diagnosed with a serious condition, but I’m thankful that 4 others have made a full long term recovery . I try to keep my mind and heart on that. Health and blessings!

  1. Many of us can empathize with you since we too have had loved ones go through similar battles. Looking back and realizing the true value and meaning of the relationship makes us realize how blessed our lives are. I am very sorry for your loss.

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