So you thought that was healthy.


(teaspoons of sugar per serving)

Rockstar punched energy and guava, 500ml.jpg

Rockstar punched energy and guava, 500ml.jpg

Some of these we all know are super bad. (I must admit to reacting to a can of coke in the same way many would react to being offered weed killer lol) But some are surprising (especially for those that don’t check labels). How many kids I see with ribena or capri-sun in their otherwise healthy lunch boxes. It also explains a lot about obesity.

They don’t mention though about the toxic chemical cocktails in the “sugar free” varieties. The only “safe ” path is to make your drinks at home – juices, smoothies, and even plain old water with a hint of lemon juice are delicious!

The problem is sugar is as addictive as cocaine and hits exactly the same pleasure centers in the brain.(hence why manufacturers put it in everything – they want your money!)  The good news is it only takes total abstention from sugar for a week to break the physical addiction – then you only need to break the mental one which is much harder – maybe total abstention from advertising lol! What did it for me was the knowledge that these big corporations were lining their pockets at the expense of ours and even more so our children’s heath. That made me angry enough to totally kick the habit. OK rant over! LOL!

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