Love’s Footprints.  


from July 2014

Song Bird Songs


Times of love.

When life expands and contracts into a whisper and touch becomes a vehicle conveying more than speech can say.

Seconds prolonged to eternal nows.

Hearts touch in sympathetic bondage, spinning a web betwixt two souls binding them in never to be forgotten moments of peace.


Excitement peaks in anticipation of “secret times” when all’s excluded outside the locked door.

Dreams and visions when all’s possible because love is real, tangible; in its fairy tale simplicity dispelling the drab, grey world around.


Yes, I have known love, its beginning, its fulfillment and its end.

If indeed it ever ends for as the miracle it is retold, relived, leaving the footprint of its presence long after physical fulfillment has gone.

Love is king of all defying all that is evil in this world, as light dispels the darkness.


It is a potent, intoxicating element that courses through the body…

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