What The Little Crippled Girl Did To Me


He says it so well!

You Should See My Scars


She broke my heart.   Thats what.

I have a weak spot.   If any of you decide to become a super villain and want to take me down this is it; bring me handicapped children.    I break apart and I can’t help it.

I can never seem to find my happiness or my dreams in life and I have a way of getting completely lost in my mind and my regrets of the past and fears of the future and how Ive messed up everyt…..

…wait who is that?

Do you see her?

It’s a little 12 yr. old girl.  Smiling and laughing and talking with her brother and her mom.


Im at work folding some clothing, thinking about how terrified I am about my upcoming trip to New Zealand and how afraid I am that I will collapse under the pressure of my anxiety and depression when…

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