from August 2014

Song Bird Songs


Julie looked at the shattered pieces of crystal in her hand. It once had been a bird; wings spread soaring the heavens. Now it lay in jagged shards, like the remnants of their love, too beautiful and fragile a thing to survive the impacts of life. Her fingers closed tightly around the pieces, as if trying to weld it together, but they merely cut into her fingers.
It had been a wedding gift, on a day of sunshine and light, of soaring updrafts and smiles. Now black clouds loomed ever closer. Wings that had lifted her heart were crushed never to find the sun.
How had it ended? The forces of earth exerted pressures the fragile thing had been unable to bare. It had no flexibility, she understood that now. Unable to bend, to forgive his flirtation, she had exploded in a torrent of unforgivable words that shattered the beauty…

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