Beauty and pain.


from September 2014

Song Bird Songs

new camera pics 062

Strangely related these two… I’m not talking about the fleeting “beauty” that flashes across the glossy covers of fashion magazines. I mean the deeper kind that’s not reliant on youth, face lifts or beauty products, the sort that beams out through any age, even through the most homely of faces, and transforms by its radiance. It can be found in the deep tenor of a sympathetic voice, a hug or squeeze that imparts comfort. It is often worn by those souls we feel most comfy and safe with.
From where does this deeper beauty come? It comes not from sunny days, an easy, indulgent, life. No, I’ve most often seen it follow in footsteps of pain, of remorse, of deep sorrow. It’s as if the light of inner beauty must dig deep within to find that place from which it shines out.

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