The best legacy.



“You do your best to prepare your children for life, but as they become old enough to make their own choices, they must learn to meet life’s challenges and to take responsibility for themselves. They may sometimes stray from some of the things you taught them, but …

The love you plant in their hearts will stay there forever.

This is the greatest gift that you can give them, and it’s yours and theirs for eternity.”

(adapted – source unknown.)


2 thoughts on “The best legacy.

  1. I’m certain “letting go” can be a major challenge. Providing the essential foundation consisting of ethics, morals and a true sense of love is all we can give. Watching their development we keep our fingers crossed. Believing in them helps them believe in themselves.

  2. When I was a young mom, I thought my children’s destiny was my responsibility and I judged my parenting by their outcomes. As a grandmother, who has learned many things through parenting, I understand that a good mother loves her children no matter where life and the choices they make in response takes them. Parenting more than any other experience in life has given me a deeper understanding of the nature and love of God.

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