Fat. (A love Story)


Flash fiction from October 2014

Song Bird Songs


Tess looked down at her burgeoning waistline in despair, how could she “love herself” when every time she looked in a mirror her confidence crashed.

“Mummy, mummy! We’re going to be late!” Taylor’s insistent fingers pulled at her skirt. Self recrimination would have to wait; a sixth birthday party would start in half an hour. Grabbing the car keys and shoving the present under one arm she bustled out the door.

It was the usual chaos, kids yelling and screaming, laughingly unaware of the grim facts of desertion or the realities of trying to hold a family together when half of it was missing. She looked with envy at their host, her size ten jeans still housing a “tight ass” no wonder her husband had stuck around. It was her own fault Steve’s eyes had wandered.

They were serving cake now – to take or to abstain? What was the…

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